Artist Statement









Since the beginning of man, artistry has been used as a form of expressing emotions and culture.  The different use of materials available in a certain region of the world often influenced its shape and form, thus making the art of the Sami People that much more incredible and unique.

I have always been an artist at heart.  As a young girl I started sketching horses on every blank paper I could find.  Later, I created pottery, and as an adult I found artistry in hair.  I have always found a way to create one way or another. My most recent adventure had me reside in Sweden.  It was there that I was introduced to the art of the Sami reindeer leather bracelet. My artistry was reborn upon the sight of the Sami bracelet.  I learned this ancient handicraft and found it to be very meaningful and originative to create.  Even on the dark and cold winter days, I was fulfilled on the inside creating these one of a kind bracelets; all by hand.

Sami reindeer leather bracelets consist of soft, supple; vegetable tanned reindeer skin, silver pewter thread used in the braiding, and a naturally shed reindeer antler button, all of which are exclusive to the Arctic regions of Scandinavia. Braiding and twisting the thread begins the creative design, and then the hand sewing begins.  I enjoy the sewing portion of the creative process, it allows me the time to reflect and retreat from the sometimes overwhelming noise of the outside world.  I embed and transfer positive energy and the same calm I am feeling into the construction of each bracelet.

My goal is to create interesting, intricate and timeless pieces of wearable art that are not only comfortable and versatile to wear but tell the ancient story of the Sami.

Whitney Hastings

Artist, Arctic Art Designs