Thank you for stopping by the Arctic Art Designs webpage. This space is designed to share and connect you with my Sami reindeer leather bracelet designs I create. The Sami are an indigenous group of people who inhabit northern Scandinavia who use the reindeer as their livelihood and to express themselves artistically.  I was introduced to the art of the Sami while living in Sweden with my family.  I was immediately drawn to these bracelets and was lucky enough to be taught how to create them myself.

The bracelets are constructed from soft vegetable tanned reindeer leather and lamb skin in some colors, silver pewter wire and close with a naturally shed antler button. Only the finest quality products are used in the creation and are exclusive to the north of Sweden.  Each bracelet can take between two and five hours to make.  The bracelets are all sewn by hand two different times to ensure durability and longevity of wear.  Any bracelet can be custom ordered in virtually every color even metallics.

All orders are custom made and will take approximately 1-2 weeks to deliver.  All payments must be received before your bracelet is custom made and shipped. Shipping charges will vary depending on the region or country it is shipped. I will email you with an order confirmation when the order is placed and when item is shipped.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, I take great pride in my craftsmanship and I know you will enjoy your wearable art.